Title: Sputnik V Description: Putin’s Once-Scorned Vaccine Now Favorite in Pandemic Fight. Date added: 02/08/2021

Title: Heavy Load Description: The Republicans in Congress are charting different courses after former President Donald Trump lost the White House but not his grip on much of the party. Date added: 02/06/2021

Title: Overpressured Description: SpaceX’s Prototype Mars Rocket Crashes in Test Flight (again). Date added: 02/03/2021

Title: The Q's Tail Description: Donald Trump may have left the White House, but the umbrella of conspiracy theories he inspired is only just arriving in Washington. Date added: 02/03/2021

Title: Coup Myanmar Description: Myanmar's military seized control of the country on Monday and detained leading politicians, including Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. Date added: 02/01/2021

Title: Put-Inn Description: Russian businessman Arkady Rotenberg, a childhood friend of Putin’s, on Saturday claimed the Gelendzhik estate as his property, saying he was planning on turning it into a hotel. Date added: 01/31/2021

Title: Keystone XL Description: President Biden's end to the Keystone Pipeline could impact Arkansas jobs. Date added: 01/30/2021

Title: Kerry Air Description: John Kerry, President Biden’s top environmental policy adviser, still owns a private jet — despite his intention of fighting fossil fuels in the new administration, according to a report. Date added: 01/30/2021

Title: GOP Circus Description: For a moment, it looked like the Republican Party was getting some distance from the former president. Not anymore. The GOP’s answer to its post-Trump blues: More Trump. Date added: 01/28/2021

Title: Navalny hunting Putin Description: Alexey Navalny Is Succeeding Where Putin's Other Opponents Have Failed. Date added: 01/28/2021

Title: OFP Description: Trump officially opens ‘Office of the Former President’ - an office in Florida that will serve to continue his political agenda. Date added: 01/26/2021

Title: In Mem(e)oriam Description: An image of Sen. Bernie Sanders donning mittens and a practical brown coat on inauguration day has been transposed across time and place, dropped into historical moments, movie scenes, famous paintings and more. Date added: 01/25/2021

Title: Prophet of Doom Description: Boris Johnson warns U.K. variant may be deadlier, but experts say it's too soon to tell. Date added: 01/24/2021

Title: The Road Ahead Description: Democrat Joe Biden will take office as the next U.S. president of a country that is grappling with a deadly pandemic, a struggling economy and a deeply divided American public. Date added: 01/23/2021

Title: The Biden Administration Description: Joe Biden's first cabinet as US president is being described as potentially the most diverse ever. Date added: 01/21/2021

Title: Inauguration Biden Description: North Korea, Iran flaunt military strength ahead of Biden swearing-in. Date added: 01/20/2021

Title: East, West, Home's Best Description: Novichok didn’t stop Russian opposition leader – but a prison sentence might. Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny has been sent to prison a day after returning to his home country. Date added: 01/19/2021

Title: Overturn Description: Joe Biden will kick start his presidency by seeking to overturn many of Donald Trump's controversial policies. Date added: 01/18/2021

Title: Rutte Doctrine Description: Critics accused Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte of the 'Rutte doctrine' in the benefits affair, with which he would attempt to send as little information as possible about how a decision was reached to the House of Representatives. Date added: 01/17/2021

Title: Impeached Twice Description: Trump becomes first president to be impeached twice. Date added: 01/15/2021

Title: Not Home Description: Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump’s relationship brought to devastating end. Date added: 01/13/2021

Title: Hypocrite Description: Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are being hypocrite and have double standards. Because they can be considered part of the public domain now regulation must come from the government. Date added: 01/11/2021

Title: Smiling Man Description: Joe Biden as 'smiling man' Adam Johnson, who has been arrested and charged after storming the US Capitol. Donald Trump as the lectern Adam carried on his triumphal march in US Capitol. Date added: 01/10/2021

Title: The Great Shaman Description: Donald Trump as the Horn-wearing 'QAnon shaman' Jake Angeli, who has been arrested and charged after storming the United States Capitol. Date added: 01/09/2021

Title: Social Media Ban Description: The world’s biggest social media sites have locked Donald Trump out. Date added: 01/07/2021

Title: Coup Noodles Description: Violent pro-Trump mob storms Capitol. Date added: 01/07/2021

Title: Strike Power Description: Democrats will take control of the US Senate as Jon Ossoff defeats Republican David Perdue in Georgia. Date added: 01/06/2021

Title: Wrong Number Description: Trump Pressures Georgia Elections Chief: 'Find 11,780 Votes’. Date added: 01/05/2021

Title: New Haircut Description: Ten former US defense secretaries spanning administrations over 30 years issued an extraordinary appeal to forestall the possibility of a military-supported Trump coup, warning US defense forces to stay out of politics(…) Date added: 01/05/2021

Title: Gulliver Ma Description: Alibaba Co-founder Jack Ma suspected missing after criticising Xi Jinping government. Date added: 01/04/2021

Title: Inauguration day Description: The president refuses to acknowledge Biden’s win, but experts say there is no constitutional path forward for him to remain in the White House. Date added: 01/03/2021

Title: Operation Warp Speed Description: Trump’s End Of Year Message: ‘We Have To Be Remembered For What’s Been Done’ On Operation Warp Speed. Date added: 01/01/2021

Title: Bojo Poppins Description: Boris Johnson’s drive to cut obesity rates ‘largely ineffective’. Date added: 12/30/2020

Title: Fish & Chips Description: 'Boris betrayed us!' Britons furious as Brexit deal accused of fishing sell out. Date added: 12/28/2020

Title: Happy New Year Description: Happy New Year. Date added: 12/27/2020

Title: Alibaba and the Forty Thieves Description: China kicked off an investigation into alleged monopolistic practices at Alibaba Group Holding and summoned affiliate Ant Group Co. to a high-level meeting over financial regulations, escalating scrutiny over the twin pillars of billionaire Jack Ma’s internet empire. Date added: 12/26/2020

Title: Brexit Deal Description: UK and Europe agree a Brexit deal. Date added: 12/24/2020

Title: SD Trump Grace Gundam Description: Trump goes on a rampage with pardons and veto threats just before Christmas. Date added: 12/23/2020

Title: Deal or No Deal Description: Brexit deadline is approaching. Fishing seems to be the deciding factor. Will there be a deal or no deal? Date added: 12/22/2020

Title: Trump Train Description: What's left of the 'Trump Train'... Date added: 12/21/2020

Title: Let it Snow Description: Winter Storm Brings DC Area's First Snowfall of the Season. Date added: 12/19/2020

Title: No Peak Description: Shaking your Christmas tree should dislodge the Christmas tree bugs that may be hiding out, as well as their budding eggs. An added bonus is that shaking your Christmas tree also will rid you of loose pine needles! Date added: 12/15/2020

Title: Lockdown Description: Na Duitsland gaat nu ook Nederland in totale lockdown. (After Germany, the Netherlands is now also entering total lockdown.) Date added: 12/15/2020

Title: Fish Patrol Description: UK navy on standby to protect fishing in case of no-deal Brexit. Date added: 12/13/2020

Title: Supreme Court Description: Supreme Court rejects Texas' and Trump's bid to overturn election. Date added: 12/12/2020

Title: Scrooge Description: Trump with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Date added: 12/11/2020

Title: Last Christmas... Description: Last Christmas for Trump in the White House. Date added: 12/08/2020

Title: Vorwärts! V Description: Baudet wint intern referendum om partijleiderschap Forum voor Democratie. (Baudet wins internal referendum to Forum for Democracy party leadership.) Date added: 12/07/2020

Title: Sputnik V Description: Russia Begins to Roll Out Its Sputnik V Coronavirus Vaccine. Date added: 12/06/2020

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