Title: Voillàh Akbar Description: France could close almost 80 mosques after deporting dozens of migrants in ‘crackdown on separatism’. Date added: 12/06/2020

Title: Fraud Rush Description: Donald Trump releases video statement repeating baseless vote fraud claims. Date added: 12/03/2020

Title: Fishy Waters Trump Description: Fishing waters: one of the bottlenecks during the final Brexit negotiations. Date added: 12/02/2020

Title: Game Over Trump Description: See title. Date added: 12/01/2020

Title: Hand of God Description: On nov. 25th 2020 football legend Diego Maradona died after suffering heart failure. "The hand of God" was a phrase used by the Argentine footballer to describe a goal that he scored during the Argentina v England quarter finals match of the 1986 FIFA World Cup. Date added: 11/30/2020

Title: Forum voor Hypocrisie Description: Prominente partijleden Eerdmans, Nanninga, Vlaardingenbroek en Pouw-Verweij uit Forum voor Democratie gestapt. De ratten verlaten het zinkende schip. Date added: 11/29/2020

Title: Tiny Desk Descrition: Trump sat behind a tiny desk for Thanksgiving speech and internet went big with memes. Date added: 11/28/2020

Title: Amor Vincit Omnia (Love Conquers All) Description: Forum for Democracy has fallen apart after allegations of anti-Semitism. Date added: 11/26/2020

Title: Back to 2024 Description: Donald Trump could potentially run for the 2024 US elections – as could another member of his family, including his eldest daughter, Ivanka. Date added: 11/25/2020

Title: Abacus Description: What’s learnt in the cradle lasts till the tomb. Date added: 11/23/2020

Title: Liar Description: Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani inspired several reactions on social media after streaks of black were seen trickling down his face as he addressed a press conference. Date added: 11/22/2020

Title: Snake Charmer Description: Trump's election interference didn't go as planned. Date added: 11/20/2020

Title: Roadblock Description: Hungary and Poland blocked approval of the EU's long-term budget. The two countries are opposed to a rule-of-law mechanism that could see them lose EU subsidies if they continue with policies seen as eroding democratic standards. Date added: 11/19/2020

Title: Fisherman's Friend Description: Boris Johnson vows to be fishermen’s friend. The PM says he will not cave in to EU pressure to open up four-fifths of UK waters in the final days of Brexit talks. Date added: 11/18/2020

Title: Stop the Steal Description: Stop the Steal is a right-wing conspiracy theory in which some supporters of Donald Trump have been promoting false claims of widespread electoral fraud during the 2020 presidential election. "Stop the Steal" was created by Republican political operative Roger Stone in 2016. Date added: 11/16/2020

Title: Home Alone Description: President Trump's GOP wall of support is cracking. Date added: 11/14/2020

Title: Staff Only Description: What happens if President Trump refuses to leave the White House on President-elect Biden's Inauguration Day, Jan. 20? Date added: 11/12/2020

Title: The Big Cleanup Description: The biggest question facing the world after Donald Trump's defeat is: Can Joe Biden clean up the mess? Date added: 11/09/2020

Title: Joe Biden Elected Description: Joe Biden elected 46th president of the United States. Date added: 11/07/2020

Title: Restoring Liberty Description: Joe Biden will be 46th president of the United States. Date added: 11/07/2020

Title: Gavel of Damocles Description: Holding the highest office in the land grants Trump effective immunity from federal criminal prosecution and gives him wide powers to stymie lawsuits against him and his business. That all changes once he becomes an ordinary citizen again. Date added: 11/05/2020

Title: Second Lockdown Description: England will enter a second national lockdown, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced hours after the UK passed the milestone of one million coronavirus cases. Date added: 11/02/2020

Title: Unpredictable Election Description: Trump versus Biden 2020: the most unpredictable election in history. Date added: 11/01/2020

Title: Freedom Of Expression Description: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is taking legal action against Charlie Hebdo after the French satirical magazine mocked him with a front-page cartoon on Wednesday. Date added: 10/30/2020

Title: Mosquebusters Description: President Macron of France has intensified action against 'Islamist extremism' - to the frustration of Turkey's president Erdogan - after a teacher was beheaded for showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in class. Date added: 10/29/2020

Title: Short Fuse Description: See title. Date added: 10/28/2020

Title: Erdogan's long arm(s) Description: See title. Date added: 10/26/2020

Title: The Villages Description: A warning sign for Trump: 'Go Biden' at Villages, the nation’s largest retirement community, located in the all-important swing state of Florida. Date added: 10/25/2020

Title: Trump Piper Description: Parody of trump as Pied Piper (rat-catcher) of Hamelen. Date added: 10/24/2020

Title: Coming Out Description: Pope Francis endorsed same-sex civil unions in the feature-length documentary “Francesco,” which premiered Oct. 21 at the Rome Film Festival. Date added: 10/23/2020

Title: Election Interference Description: Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Wednesday both Iran and Russia have obtained US voter registration information in an effort to interfere in the election. Date added: 10/22/2020

Title: Trashing Fauci Description: Trump ridiculed Fauci as a "disaster" and an "idiot" who has been around for "500 years" -- trashing one of the nation's best hopes of easing the pandemic along with his recommendations to quell an alarming Covid-19 surge. Date added: 10/22/2020

Title: To the Top Description: The United Steelworkers union was behind an unexpected weekend light display against the backdrop of the Trump International Hotel & Tower: a Biden/Harris logo. Date added: 10/19/2020

Title: Jacinda Ardern Description: Prime Minister New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, achieves a monumental victory after successfully tackling the corona virus. Date added: 10/18/2020

Title: Australian Deal Description: Boris Johnson has said the UK should “go for the Australia solution” as he announced that it’s time to “get ready" for the prospect of no-deal Brexit on 31 December. Date added: 10/17/2020

Title: Trump Rally Description: Trump's end offensive: rallies, rallies, rallies (with little regard for corona risk). Date added: 10/15/2020

Title: Hammer Time Description: Premier Rutte of The Netherlands at press conference: „this time the hammer must be big enough to knock down the virus.” Date added: 10/14/2020

Title: Happy Halloween Description: The US coronavirus death toll has passed 215,000. Date added: 10/13/2020

Title: Soft Power Description: The number of infections in the Netherlands is increasing rapidly due to the soft approach of the Rutte cabinet in order to beat the coronavirus. Date added: 10/11/2020

Title: Gopeye Description: Voices say Trump is stronger than ever after Covid-19. Date added: 10/11/2020

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