Title: Morning exercise Description: The UK is taking steps to help residents eat healthier as obesity increases the risk of corona death. Prime Minister Johnson says in a video that he was overweight. After recovering from corona, he started to do something about it. Date Added: 07/29/2020

Title: Turning Left Description: Biden’s campaign has been consistently signaling a strong leftward turn across the board since he effectively clinched the nomination in April. Date Added: 07/26/2020

Title: Law and Order Description: Trump's 'law and order' is starting to look like martial law. Date Added: 07/24/2020

Title: Too little, too late Description: It is too late to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. Date Added: 07/23/2020

Title: 'White House' Description: Kanye West launches US presidential campaign with emotional rally. Date Added: 07/20/2020

Title: Lapdog Dejoy Description: In Louis DeJoy, Trump appears to have found himself another Bill Barr: a bootlick willing to undermine a government agency — and our democratic institutions — to further the boss’s personal political aims. Date Added: 07/20/2020

Title: Portland Description: In recent days, federal security forces have taken to the streets of Portland, clad in camouflage gear suitable for a war zone, and handling anti-racism protesters with tactics reminiscent of dictatorships. Date Added: 07/19/2020

Title: Washington Black Beans Description: The Washington Redskins American football team has said it will retire its name, long criticised as racist. Date Added: 07/17/2020

Title: Black Beans Matter Description: The White House has defended Ivanka Trump tweeting a photo of herself holding up a can of Goya  black beans to buck up a Hispanic-owned business that she says has been unfairly treated, arguing she had “every right” to publicly express her support. Date Added: 07/16/2020

Title: Back to School Description: As Trump Demanded Schools Reopen, His Experts Warned of ‘Highest Risk’. Date Added: 07/12/2020

Title: Tik Tok Description: Nations and companies around the world are being sucked into a running battle over the future of technology between the United States and China. Date Added: 07/11/2020

Title: Balance of Power Description: Strongmen rush to remake the world order as Trump faces potential election defeat. Date Added: 07/05/2020

Title: End of Hong Kong Description: The national security law China has imposed on Hong Kong gives Beijing the means to destroy the freedom and autonomy the territory has enjoyed since the 1997 handover from Britain. Date Added: 07/02/2020

Title: Nonsponsored Description: A growing list of companies are pulling ads from Facebook. For many of them, it's part of an advertiser boycott in protest of what they say are the site's failures to stop the spread of hate. Date Added: 06/30/2020

Title: Revolution! Description: Trump signs executive order to protect American monuments, memorials and statues and threatenes those who try to pull them down with “long prison time”. Date Added: 06/28/2020

Title: Trump up the volume Description: The United States saw a record number of new coronavirus cases in a single day. Date Added: 06/26/2020

Title: Tweeting Trump 2 Description: Trump and Twitter's troubled relationship. Date Added: 06/25/2020

Title: Tweeting Trump  Description: Trump and Twitter's troubled relationship. Date Added: 06/24/2020

Title: Tulsa  Description: Donald Trump’s empty campaign rally in Tulsa. Date Added: 06/22/2020

Title: Headwind  Description: John Bolton’s The Room Where It Happened, the former national security adviser’s twice-delayed kiss-and-tell memoir of life in the Trump White House, will raise some dust. Date Added: 06/21/2020

Title: The room where it happened Description: Former national security adviser John Bolton has leveled a stunning accusation against his former boss, claiming in his new book that President Donald Trump personally asked his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to help him win the 2020 US presidential election. Date Added: 06/19/2020

Title: Bolton Book bombshells  Description: The Trump administration asked a federal judge to block publication of John Bolton’s The Room Where It Happened, the former national security adviser’s twice-delayed kiss-and-tell memoir of life in the Trump White House. Date Added: 06/18/2020

Title: Black Lives Matter vs Trump Description: Grab him by da pussy Date Added: 06/17/2020

Title: Churchill's Life Matters Description: Boris Johnson has warned that Britain cannot “photoshop” its long and complicated cultural history. The Prime Minister promises to fight “with every breath in his body” any attempt to remove the statue of Winston Churchill from Parliament Square. Date Added: 06/15/2020

Title: Black Wives Matter Date Added: 06/07/2020

Title: The Tweets Description: Twitter hits back at Trump. Date Added: 06/06/2020

Title: I can't breathe Description: George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, died on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota after Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, knelt on Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes while Floyd was handcuffed face down in the street. Date Added: 06/05/2020

Title: White House Fire brigade Description: Trump inflames rather than soothes tensions amid Minneapolis unrest. Date Added: 06/04/2020

Title: Don't judge a book by it's cover Description: Federal authorities used tear gas to clear Lafayette Square so President Trump could pose for a photo while holding a Bible in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church. It wasn’t the first time Trump has used the word of God as a political prop. Date Added: 06/03/2020

Title: Bunker Boy Description: Not soon after it was learned Trump had been hiding in the basement, as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the White House, the hashtags #BunkerBoy and #BunkerBitch began trending on Twitter. Date Added: 06/02/2020

Title: When the looting starts... Description: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey lashed back early Friday at President Trump, who accused him of being a “very weak” leader amid the protests roiling the city over George Floyd’s death. Date Added: 06/01/2020

Title: Birdcage Description: Twitter added a fact-check label to two of President Donald Trump’s tweets, marking the first time the social media platform has curbed the president’s use of the site for spreading lies. Date Added: 05/29/2020

Title: Minneapolis Description: Protesters breach Minneapolis police precinct in response to George Floyd’s death; meanwhile President Donald Trump slaps at Social media, showing his use of power for personal whims. Date Added: 05/29/2020

Title: Fact-Check Description: Twitter added a fact-check label to two of President Donald Trump’s tweets, marking the first time the social media platform has curbed the president’s use of the site for spreading lies. Date Added: 05/28/2020

Title: Black Votes Matter Description: Joe Biden declared he "should not have been so cavalier" after he told a prominent black radio host that African-Americans who back President Donald Trump "ain't black”. Date Added: 05/26/2020

Title: Paper hat Description: Trump tees up controversy as he plays golf in a pandemic. Date Added: 05/26/2020

Title: Hole in one thousand Description: Trump tees up controversy as he plays golf in a pandemic. Date Added: 05/24/2020

Title: Chinese bull rideing Description: China moves to tighten control over Hong Kong through controversial National Security Law. Date Added: 05/24/2020

Title: President Tweety Description: Joe Biden debuts his first nickname for Donald Trump: 'President Tweety' Date Added: 05/22/2020

Title: Atlas Description: Simplified: Trump sided with the Republicans in their war against the Democrats. When the Democrats were defeated, God condemned Trump to stand at the western edge of the Earth and hold up the corona crisis on his shoulders. Date Added: 05/21/2020

Title: Big Mask menu Description: New @McDonald's. Date Added: 05/19/2020

Title: America's got Talent Description: Every fool has a talent. Date Added: 05/17/2020

Title: Lockdown Description: Elon Musk reopens California Tesla factory in defiance of lockdown order. Date Added: 05/15/2020

Title: Pounding Father. Description: Trump's coronavirus approach is more destructive than a wrecking ball. Date Added: 05/14/2020

Title: #Obamagate. Description: Trump is desperately trying to deflect attention from his confused and faltering response to the pandemic, as the US death toll tops 80,000 and the economy suffers the worst job losses since the Great Depression. Date Added: 05/12/2020

Title: Social Distancing. Description: Trump’s enforcer, Attorney General Bill Barr, is poised to support Trump’s call for insurrection by turning to the federal courts—seeded with a legion of newly installed right-wing jurists—to undermine critical public-health protections on his boss’ behalf. Date Added: 05/08/2020

Title: China bashing. Description: China will be the biggest issue in the presidential campaign. Date Added: 05/07/2020

Title: Reopening the Economy. Description: The harsh choice between life and prosperity. Date Added: 05/06/2020

Title: Greetings from North Korea. Description: North Korea leader Kim Jong-un appeared in public for first time in 20 days. Earlier reports stated that Kim reportedly received a cardiovascular procedure because of "excessive smoking, obesity, and overwork.” Date Added: 05/03/2020

Title: Face Mask. Description: A former aide’s allegation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her nearly 30 years ago has put Democrats into a quandary, as they try to square their support for the #MeToo movement with their backing of a nominee who now stands accused himself. Date Added: 05/02/2020

Title: Salesman Xi. Description: Although the emergence of the novel coronavirus was probably not due to China’s actions, the emphasis that it’s authoritarian system places on hiding bad news likely gave the disease a sizable head start infecting the world. But most ominously, China’s obsession with image and power politics raises serious questions about its lack of moral limits. Date Added: 05/01/2020

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