Title: Musk Twitter Description: Twitter shares soared more than 20% on news that Elon Musk has bought a 9% stake in the company—the latest business entity to see its stock head for lunar orbit after the Tesla CEO has shown an interest. Date added: 04/132022

Title: Flop Gun Description: Kim Jong-Un channeled his inner Maverick from the hit 1986 flick “Top Gun” to star in a bizarre Hollywood-style video for North Korea’s latest missile launch. Date added: 03/27/2022

Title: Meanwhile in North Korea... Description: With U.S. Focus on Ukraine, North Korea Launches a Powerful New ICBM. Date added: 03/25/2022

Title: Wheat Crisis Description: Putin’s invasion of Ukraine threatens a global wheat crisis. Date added: 03/24/2022

Title: Losing Ground Description: Russian forces appear to be losing ground around Kyiv. Date added: 03/23/2022

Title: Putin the Fly Description: Russians spit out 'scum and traitors' like flies, Putin warns West. Date added: 03/21/2022

Title: Yuri Gagarin Description: Russian cosmonauts board ISS wearing colours of Ukraine flag. Date added: 03/20/2022

Title: Paperboys Description: China and Russia are joining forces to spread disinformation. Date added: 03/19/2022

Title: Stagnation Invasion Description: It is believed that the Russian invasion is “stagnated on all fronts”. Date added: 03/17/2022

Title: Made in China Description: Russia Asked China for Military and Economic Aid for Ukraine War, U.S. Officials Say. Date added: 03/17/2022

Title: Truth Social Description: Donald Trump Can’t Stop Whining About His Failing Social Media App. Date added: 03/16/2022

Title: The Russian Dream Description: The letter Z is a symbol of Russia's war in Ukraine. Date added: 03/14/2022

Title: Zorro Putin Description: The letter Z is a symbol of Russia's war in Ukraine. Date added: 03/13/2022

Title: NATO Umbrella Description: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky took a more critical tone with NATO for not acting on Ukraine's plea to establish a no-fly zone. Date added: 03/10/2022

Title: Russian Fatalism Description: According to some the morale of the russian troops is low. Date added: 03/10/2022

Title: Scare Bears Description: China takes tough anti-Western line, stands behind Putin. Date added: 03/09/2022

Title: NATO Fail Description: Zelensky slams NATO in blistering speech, says Ukrainians will die from ‘weak’ response. Date added: 03/07/2022

Title: Bloodymir Putin Description: Russian Bloodshed in Ukraine. Date added: 03/06/2022

Title: Face Off Putin Description: With Ukraine, Putin has gone full Stalin. Date added: 03/03/2022

Title: Big Spender Description: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announces €100bn rise in German defence spending after Russia's Ukraine invasion. Date added: 03/02/2022

Title: Zelensky Resistance Description: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is becoming the face of Ukrainian resistance. Date added: 03/01/2022

Title: Putin Isolated Description: Putin Finds Himself Isolated, Out of Touch as Invasion of Ukraine Sputters. Date added: 02/28/2022

Title: Halloween Afghanistan Description: Halloween in Afghanistan. Date added: 10/20/2021

Title: Moses Zuckerberg Description: Facebook splits our society in two, paving the way for populism. Date added: 10/10/2021

Title: Petrol Crisis and Pig Cull Description: Queues for petrol and mass slaughter of pigs at farms because of a lack of abattoir workers are part of a necessary transition for Britain to emerge from a broken economic model based on low wages, Boris Johnson has argued. Date added: 10/04/2021

Title: Fuel Shortage UK Description: Fuel shortages and empty shelves are becoming a major challenge for the U.K. government. Short-term fixes won’t be enough. Date added: 10/01/2021

Title: Skyline Afghanistan Description: Taliban hang body in Afghan city square, as grip of hardline rule looms. Date added: 09/29/2021

Title: Haitian Migrants Description: The deportation of Haitian migrants is a stark example of how President Biden has deployed some of the most aggressive approaches to immigration put in place by former President Donald J. Trump. Date added: 09/26/2021

Title: Merkel Leaving Description: Angela Merkel is retiring. Date added: 09/23/2021

Title: The Scholzomat Description: Nicknamed "Scholzomat" for his robotic speeches, Olaf Scholz, the centre-left Social Democrat (SPD) candidate to succeed Angela Merkel, has hardly stood out for his charisma in the run-up to September's election. But his pragmatic handling of the corona crisis has won him much praise and high approval ratings. Date added: 09/21/2021

Title: United Russia Description: Vladimir Putin's United Russia party 'wins' the country's parliamentary election. Date added: 09/20/2021

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