Description: Vladimir Putin visits UAE and Saudi Arabia during COP28. Date added: 12/08/2023

Description: Trump doesn’t have presidential immunity from lawsuits over January 6, appeals court rules. Date added: 12/06/2023

Description: Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels. Date added: 12/05/2023

Description: Putin Wants Russian Women To Have More Babies. Date added: 12/04/2023

Description: Elon Musk says ‘go f*ck yourself’ to advertisers leaving X. Date added: 12/03/2023

Description: Influential GOP donors are betting their millions on Haley in a new push to beat Trump. Date added: 12/02/2023

Description: Geert Wilders pledges to govern for all Dutch people. Date added: 11/30/2023

Description: PVV party leader Geert Wilders wants to form a majority government again after years in opposition. “Everyone has to jump over their shadows to do this,” he said. Date added: 11/27/2023

Description: Argentine libertarian Milei pledges new political era after election win. Date added: 11/26/2023

Description: Dutch election: Geert Wilders' PVV party wins the most seats. Date added: 11/25/2023

Description: Trump tops Biden in polls despite mountain of baggage. Date added: 11/23/2023

Description: With antisemitic tweet, Elon Musk reveals his ‘actual truth’. Date added: 11/22/2023

Description: SpaceX Starship test flight fails minutes after launch on second attempt. Date added: 11/20/2023

Description: ‘Planet Earth is big enough for two’: Biden and Xi meet for first time in a year. Date added: 11/19/2023

Description: Trump leads in 2024 polls as fears over war and economy hurt Biden. Date added: 11/18/2023

Description: The call for a two-state solution is getting louder. Date added: 11/16/2023

Description: Israel Says Hamas Losing Control of N. Gaza. Date added: 11/14/2023

Description: Trump wants his election interference trial to air on TV. Date added: 11/13/2023

Description: Elon Musk has introduced “Grok,” an artificially intelligent chatbot, for some users of X. The billionaire suggests the technology has a sarcastic sense of humor. Date added: 12/07/2023

Description: Ukraine's support is crumbling. Date added: 11/07/2023

Description: Trump turns New York fraud trial into campaign stop, 'a witch hunt'. Date added: 11/06/2023

Description: Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty of defrauding FTX customers out of billions. Date added: 11/05/2023

Description: Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty of defrauding FTX customers out of billions. Date added: 11/03/2023

Description: Mike Johnson on collision course over support for Israel. Date added: 11/02/2023

Description: Israel's ground offensive. Date added: 11/01/2023

Description: GOP's new House speaker Mike Johnson. Date added: 10/30/2023

Description: Hamas Detector. Date added: 10/29/2023

Description: Halloween 2023. Date added: 10/28/2023

Description: Trump or Treat. Date added: 10/25/2023

Description: With open eyes, Israël falls into the trap of Hamas. Date added: 10/23/2023

Description: The ‘Gaza metro’: The mysterious subterranean tunnel network used by Hamas. Date added: 10/22/2023

Description: Two-state solution losing ground in Israel and Palestine. Date added: 10/21/2023

Description: Hamas hiding place. Date added: 10/20/2023

Description: United we stand... Date added: 10/19/2023

Description: Israël prepares for ground offensive in Gaza. Date added: 10/17/2023

Description: Biden Administration Seeks Emergency Aid Package for Both Israel and Ukraine. Date added: 10/16/2023

Description: Could an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza meet its aims? Date added: 10/15/2023

Description: Israel-Gaza conflict: an opportunity for Putin while the world is distracted. Date added: 10/12/2023

Description: Israel’s history suggests the clock is ticking for Netanyahu after Hamas attack failures. Date added: 10/11/2023

Description: Iran's Khamenei says Tehran was not behind Hamas attack on Israel. Date added: 10/10/2023

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