Title: El Trumpador Description: “(...) I was aware of Trump either throwing dishes or flipping the tablecloth to let all the contents at the table go onto the floor (...),” Hutchinson said during her testimony before the House committee investigating Trump’s attempt to thwart democracy. Date added: 06/30/2022

Title: Anger Management Description: Trump Broke Dishes And Splattered Wall With Ketchup During Election Fit, Aide Says. Date added: 06/29/2022

Title: Exposed Description: What happened to a story published in The Times of London that was critical of Prime Minister Boris Johnson? The disappearance has London’s media world guessing. Date added: 06/21/2022

Title: French Elections Description: Macron loses majority as French vote fragments. Date added: 06/20/2022

Title: Musk Twitter Description: Twitter shares soared more than 20% on news that Elon Musk has bought a 9% stake in the company—the latest business entity to see its stock head for lunar orbit after the Tesla CEO has shown an interest. Date added: 04/13/2022

Title: Flop Gun Description: Kim Jong-Un channeled his inner Maverick from the hit 1986 flick “Top Gun” to star in a bizarre Hollywood-style video for North Korea’s latest missile launch. Date added: 03/27/2022

Title: Meanwhile in North Korea... Description: With U.S. Focus on Ukraine, North Korea Launches a Powerful New ICBM. Date added: 03/25/2022

Title: Wheat Crisis Description: Putin’s invasion of Ukraine threatens a global wheat crisis. Date added: 03/24/2022

Title: Losing Ground Description: Russian forces appear to be losing ground around Kyiv. Date added: 03/23/2022

Title: Putin the Fly Description: Russians spit out 'scum and traitors' like flies, Putin warns West. Date added: 03/21/2022

Title: Yuri Gagarin Description: Russian cosmonauts board ISS wearing colours of Ukraine flag. Date added: 03/20/2022

Title: Paperboys Description: China and Russia are joining forces to spread disinformation. Date added: 03/19/2022

Title: Stagnation Invasion Description: It is believed that the Russian invasion is “stagnated on all fronts”. Date added: 03/17/2022

Title: Made in China Description: Russia Asked China for Military and Economic Aid for Ukraine War, U.S. Officials Say. Date added: 03/17/2022

Title: Truth Social Description: Donald Trump Can’t Stop Whining About His Failing Social Media App. Date added: 03/16/2022

Title: The Russian Dream Description: The letter Z is a symbol of Russia's war in Ukraine. Date added: 03/14/2022

Title: Zorro Putin Description: The letter Z is a symbol of Russia's war in Ukraine. Date added: 03/13/2022

Title: NATO Umbrella Description: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky took a more critical tone with NATO for not acting on Ukraine's plea to establish a no-fly zone. Date added: 03/10/2022

Title: Russian Fatalism Description: According to some the morale of the russian troops is low. Date added: 03/10/2022

Title: Scare Bears Description: China takes tough anti-Western line, stands behind Putin. Date added: 03/09/2022

Title: NATO Fail Description: Zelensky slams NATO in blistering speech, says Ukrainians will die from ‘weak’ response. Date added: 03/07/2022

Title: Bloodymir Putin Description: Russian Bloodshed in Ukraine. Date added: 03/06/2022

Title: Face Off Putin Description: With Ukraine, Putin has gone full Stalin. Date added: 03/03/2022

Title: Big Spender Description: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announces €100bn rise in German defence spending after Russia's Ukraine invasion. Date added: 03/02/2022

Title: Zelensky Resistance Description: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is becoming the face of Ukrainian resistance. Date added: 03/01/2022

Title: Putin Isolated Description: Putin Finds Himself Isolated, Out of Touch as Invasion of Ukraine Sputters. Date added: 02/28/2022

Title: Halloween Afghanistan Description: Halloween in Afghanistan. Date added: 10/20/2021

Title: Moses Zuckerberg Description: Facebook splits our society in two, paving the way for populism. Date added: 10/10/2021

Title: Petrol Crisis and Pig Cull Description: Queues for petrol and mass slaughter of pigs at farms because of a lack of abattoir workers are part of a necessary transition for Britain to emerge from a broken economic model based on low wages, Boris Johnson has argued. Date added: 10/04/2021

Title: Fuel Shortage UK Description: Fuel shortages and empty shelves are becoming a major challenge for the U.K. government. Short-term fixes won’t be enough. Date added: 10/01/2021

Title: Skyline Afghanistan Description: Taliban hang body in Afghan city square, as grip of hardline rule looms. Date added: 09/29/2021

Title: Haitian Migrants Description: The deportation of Haitian migrants is a stark example of how President Biden has deployed some of the most aggressive approaches to immigration put in place by former President Donald J. Trump. Date added: 09/26/2021

Title: Merkel Leaving Description: Angela Merkel is retiring. Date added: 09/23/2021

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