Title: Trumparajah. Description: The Impeachment Trial is basically over. Date Added  02/02/2020

Title: Brexit day. Description: The UK leaves the European Union. Date Added  01/31/2020

Title: What's in a name? Date Added  01/30/2020

Title: Goprona virus. Date Added  01/30/2020

Title: Two state solution. Description: Trump unveils Middle East plan. The timing of the release is politically expedient for both Trump and Netanyahu given their mutual legal and political troubles and impending elections, all of which happen to be coalescing around the same time. Date Added  01/28/2020

Title: Bolton's Bombshell. Description: The New York Times reported that a draft manuscript for Bolton's yet-to-be published book reveals that he was told by Trump to maintain a hold on military aid until officials in Ukraine opened investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden. This so-called 'Bolton bombshell' undercuts Trump impeachment defense. Date Added  01/27/2020

Title: Designated survivor. Date Added  01/27/2020

Title: Vulcan salute. Description: Trump Unveils New Space Force Logo, Inciting 'Star Trek' Fan Outrage because the design of its signature image is nearly identical. Date Added  01/24/2020

Title: Host. Date Added  01/24/2020

Title: Virus alert. Date Added  01/23/2020

Title: Davos 2020. Date Added  01/21/2020

Title: Davos 2020. Date Added  01/21/2020

Title: Meghan & Harry. Date Added  01/20/2020

Title: Big Ben Brexit Bong. Date Added  01/17/2020

Title: Moscow State Circus. Date Added  01/16/2020

Title: Snake-charmer Khamenei. Date Added  01/16/2020

Title: Ali and the burning carpet. Date Added  01/14/2020

Title: Downfall Khamenei. Date Added  01/12/2020

Title: Resign - Thorn in the eye. Date Added  01/12/2020

Title: Resign - Scott Morrison. Date Added  01/11/2020

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