Description: Trump posts Truth Social video with headline about a 'unified reich'. Date added: 05/26/2024

Description: Ebrahin Raisi's Death Leads to Dual Succession Crises in Iran. Date added: 05/23/2024

Description: ICC arrest warrants move sparks fierce reaction from Israel and White House. Date added: 05/22/2024

Description: By ignoring Europe's call for change, Xi has ensured darker economic days ahead for the Chinese people. Date added: 05/21/2024

Description: Ebrahim Raisi, seen as a potential successor to Khamenei, dies in helicopter crash. Date added: 05/20/2024

Description: President Raisi’s helicopter crashes in Iran. Date added: 05/19/2024

Description: US Tells Allies Russia May Launch Nuclear Weapon Into Space This Year. Date added: 02/25/2024

Description: Arms shortage Ukraine War. Date added: 02/18/2024

Description: Putin foe Alexei Navalny ‘dies in jail’. Date added: 02/17/2024

Description: Biden's memory problems. Date added: 02/15/2024

Description: Trump says he would encourage Russia to attack Nato allies who pay too little. Date added: 02/12/2024

Description: Could Taylor Swift really swing the 2024 presidential election? Date added: 02/11/2024

Description: Biden mixes up presidents of Mexico and Egypt in speech defending memory. Date added: 02/10/2024

Description: Tucker Carlson is Putin's useful idiot. Date added: 02/09/2024

Description: Donald Trump does not have presidential immunity, US court rules. Date added: 02/08/2024

Description: The naked Un. Date added: 02/07/2024

Description: Will Biden ever stand up to Benjamin Netanyahu? Don’t bet on it. Date added: 02/04/2024

Description: Anti-war candidate Nadezhdin says he has enough signatures to challenge Putin. Date added: 02/02/2024

Description: Elon Musk’s $56bn Tesla pay package is too much, judge rules. Date added: 01/31/2024

Description: Trump Organization. Date added: 01/31/2024

Description: Gaza War Logistics. Date added: 01/29/2024

Description: Self-driving police patrol vehicles begin road tests in Beijing. Date added: 01/28/2024

Description: Court orders Israel to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza. Date added: 01/27/2024

Description: Trump still faces a significant hurdle before presumptive nominee. Date added: 01/25/2024

Description: Haley said she is not dropping out of the 2024 presidential race. Date added: 01/24/2024

Description: Western Europe continues to underestimate Russia. Date added: 01/23/2024

Description: Is a two-state solution possible? Date added: 01/22/2024

Description: Haley questions Trump’s mental fitness after he confuses her with Nancy Pelosi. Date added: 01/21/2024

Description: State is key for Nikki Haley after a poor finish in Iowa and an expected loss in her home state of South Carolina. Date added: 01/21/2024

Description: Don't underestimate Kim Jong-un, says North Korean defector. Date added: 01/20/2024

Description: Donald Trump Wins the Iowa GOP Caucuses. Date added: 01/16/2024

Description: Cracks in Western support for Ukraine. Date added: 01/13/2024

Description: China Taiwan Relationship. Date added: 01/11/2024

Description: Biden sets sights on Trump in ‘uphill’ 2024 battle. Date added: 01/08/2024

Description: Unsealed documents shed light on Jeffrey Epstein's lurid world. Date added: 01/07/2024

Description: As politicians argue the future of Gaza, Netanyahu is in no hurry to release a plan. Date added: 01/05/2024

Description: Trump doesn't have immunity from Jan. 6 civil suit. Date added: 01/04/2024

Description: Trump removed from Maine and Colorado 2024 ballots. Date added: 01/01/2024

Description: Putin Shames Gilded Elite After 'Almost Naked' Party Scandal. Date added: 12/31/2023

Description: Trump, Attacked for Echoing Hitler, Says He Never Read ‘Mein Kampf’. Date added: 12/26/2023

Description: One-state solution. Date added: 12/25/2023

 Description: Russia is a growing threat to Europe. Date added: 12/24/2023

Description: Colorado Supreme Court kicks Trump off ballot. Date added: 12/22/2023

Description: Christmas Eve Trump. Date added: 12/20/2023

Description: Viral Instagram dancing video in Iran leads to arrests, crackdown. Date added: 12/19/2023

Description: Netanyahu vows to 'learn the lessons' after 3 hostages killed by troops in Gaza. Date added: 12/17/2023

Description: Little man Orban can bully the entire EU. Date added: 12/16/2023

Description: A Christmas Carol. Date added: 12/14/2023

Description: Decreasing U.S. support for war in Ukraine. Date added: 12/12/2023

Description: Elon Musk restores X account of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Date added: 12/11/2023

Description: Both Democratic party and Republican party have their own concerns about the 2024 presidential election. Date added: 12/10/2023

Description: Trump driving home for Christmas. Date added: 12/09/2023

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