Afton Microbotz Campaign
Afton Chemical has created a family of seven friendly and heroic micro-robot characters, known as the Microbotz™ to represent each of the seven application groups within the Industrial product portfolio.

The Microbotz™ are microscopic self-propelled autonomous robots, who operate in a world deep within the lubricant as it pumps through the veins of Industrial machinery. Their role is to patrol the lubricants, deep inside the chemistry, protecting each application from a variety of potential harms such as oxidation, sludge, corrosion or pitting. They tirelessly work to do whatever is necessary to prolong the life of the oil and improve the performance of the machinery.

The Microbotz™ are a visual and symbolic representation of what Afton’s Industrial additives are doing day in and day out, within the lubricants of Industrial equipment worldwide as they protect and enhance performance.
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