My name is Bart van Leeuwen. I am a freelance illustrator based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Before I decided to go freelance in 2012 I served several publishing houses and advertising agencies, where I fulfilled technical as well as creative functions.
Because I do not have a steady hand but always had the need to express myself visually, I use - instead of pen and paper - other means to visualize my thoughts, including Adobe Photoshop; by mixing different photo elements I create my own reality.
In my relatively short time as a freelancer I worked on different large-scale print campaigns for the US company Afton Chemical - commissioned by Splash of Paint, a London based advertising agency. Furthermore I made some illustrations for The Guardian; and most recently I made a handful of editorial illustrations for the Nieuwe Revu - a well known Dutch general interest magazine. There is a regular interest in my political cartoons as well.

In response to my illustrative work I got interviewed by several lifstyle/art magazines, including Dutch based Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Korean based W.E.B. monthly Magazine and most recently New-York based DeKit Magazine.

Because of years of experience I can work fast and accurate. In my world of Photoshop anything is possible. I am a romanticist but also a realist and I think it’s important to raise your voice when it comes down to justice and peace.